About Kit

 We have retired after 27 yrs. from having our store.

Our last day of having our retail store was Dec. 23rd, 2014. We will still have our website. It will have our beautiful pieces and as time pemits I will add more of our inventory to show and sell.  Later, after a well deserved break we will do a few select custom pieces. But we will be doing no more repairs.

It has been a great honor for my wife, Kathy and I to have been involved in  jewelry manufacturing  and providing a retail store to showcase it and sell.  I had brought 13 years of worldwide knowledge and experience to my store but it was the next 27 years of having my store that helped us to flourish and grow. With my customers desires to create special creations, it let us produce beautiful unique pieces. It has been a life long passion to fulfill customers wishes. Many of those creations were wedding rings that brought out love and affection. Some were created to remember past loved ones to help them get through the tough times, or jewelry that just  makes  people happy and it becomes a part of them. It was all great.

After careful consideration we have decided to close the retail side of the business. We tried to cut back 2 years ago only to get busier. Producing 27 pieces a month night and day and running the store as well,  it was time. Time to take care of health and get a grip on life before it gets a grip on you. Smell some roses, breathe  and start a new chapter of our life.

I want to thank my wife Kathy and our two kids Chris and Zoe who stood by me and let me persue my dreams and desires. They put up with the long hours but our kids learned that you can make your dreams come true if you really go after them. They learned a lot about communication and gained life skills. I also want to thank all of the jewelers who worked for me over the years. There were about 9 of them and they all added to the store in one way or another. Especially Jennie Thomas, Keith Demarcus and Rod Richardson. They were and are, all very talented. They all saw my vision and desire for perfection. I also want to thank the gem dealers and trades people I worked with. It is truly a very honest and caring industry when you cut to the core of it. And then there is you, my loyal and caring customers that loved an individual creation and helped make us successful. Thank-you.

I will look forward to creating more work in the future just not at the pace I was. Though times will change some things will stay the same, The quality of our work, the affordable price range and the professional attitude we will exhibit. If it says Kit  on it, you know its handmade.

Since age 13 Kit Kuhn has been creating finished products in metal with determination, quality and interest. At this age he was also selling his work in stores and apprenticing. Since then he has won many awards. He has studied in Denver, Colorado (where he was born) then in California, Oregon and abroad in Stockholm, Sweden.

If you would like to know more about Kit’s history here is a little show.


Gilpin county Art show, 34th yr. 1979 1st place jewelry
Denver Public Library Show 1980 Scholarship Award
California College Arts & Crafts 1981 Honorary Award
United Bank Show 1980 Portfolio Winner
National Scholastic Magazine 1980
4 gold keys, 2 blue ribbons, honorable mention nationwide                                                            Various other awards and recognition 1980 to present